Technician Restores American Flag To Its Place For Happy Veteran

Service Champions technician Michael arrived at the San Dimas home of an Army veteran and the first thing he noticed was an American Flag that had fallen.

“What happened to your American flag?” Michael asked.

“It was super windy last night, and it got knocked around,” the veteran said. “I want to get that fixed up.”

That’s all Michael needed to hear. He headed straight to his truck and grabbed his ladder.

In no time at all, he had the flag restored to its bracket and flying proudly from the front of the house.

Michael could tell it meant a lot to the homeowner.

“He was super stoked about the flag and got a little teary-eyed,” Michael said. “He told me ‘You all mean so much to me – you guys really go above and beyond.’”

Michael, that’s a Good Deed For Free worth saluting – thank you for a job well done.