Our Technician Fixes The Pool Heater That The Other Company Didn’t… And Did It For Free!

Service Champions technician Miguel was at a La Mirada home to provide air conditioning service, but that didn’t stop him from throwing in a free pool heater repair, too!

It all started when the homeowner was telling Miguel about a bad experience with a pool repair company.

“I had a company come by and fix it and charge me $100,” the homeowner said. “And now it’s only a couple weeks later and it’s already broken again. They won’t even answer my calls.”

“What if I took a look at it?” Miguel asked. “I’m pretty technical and maybe it’s something pretty easy to fix.”

As it turns out, Miguel was able to diagnose the problem quickly.

“It wasn’t getting any power,” Miguel said. “I figured that meant I just needed to replace the transformer.”

Miguel had one available and used it to replace the old one. And sure enough, that fixed the issue and the pool heater started working again! The homeowner was amazed and thrilled.

“No way!” he said. “Wow, it really works – what do I owe you?”

Miguel was quickly able to calculate the cost – FREE!

“It’s a Good Deed,” Miguel told him. “It’s what we do.”

That’s super Miguel – great job fixing what the guys that charged him didn’t. Another excellent Good Deed For Free!