Technician Sets Up Pup’s ‘Home Within A Home’

305 – Angel Arazubia – Dog Kennel 0930 Inside

Service Champions technician Angel was in a La Habra home doing a follow-up check up on smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

As is his practice, he asked if there was anything else he could do to help the homeowner.

“Well, have you ever put together one of these?” she asked. The client pointed to a box that had a pop-up kennel she needed set up for her puppy.

“Oh sure, I know how to set those up,” Angel said. “I have a dog at home and had one when he was a pup.”

Angel got to work and had it set up in about 10 minutes – now the puppy had a ‘home within a home.’

Afterward, Angel chatted with the homeowner and played around with the puppy.

“She told me she wasn’t planning on getting another dog, because when they passed on it was just too tough,” Angel said. “But then she met this rescue dog through a friend and when she saw it and held it in her arms, she just knew that she had to keep it.”

Angel added, “She’s just a really nice lady.”

Angel, thanks for taking the extra time to always ask how you can help your clients, and thanks for another Good Deed For Free!