Technician Replaces Bulb Where Homeowner Can’t Reach

Service Champions technician was in a Fullerton condo on a service call when the homeowner apologized for the lack of light in a stairwell.

Ivan looked up and saw a burned-out bulb. “No need to apologize. In fact, why don’t I replace that for you?”

“Could you really?” she asked. “That would be so great.”

Ivan could see why she was so happy to have the help, because the bulb was inaccessible by ordinary means.

“It was a really inconvenient spot, right where the stairwell goes up at its highest point. So, unless you have a huge, tall ladder, you’re not going to be able to get to it,” Ivan explained.

He got out his extension ladder and managed to reach and change it. As he was doing that, he explained Good Deeds For Free to the client.

She was so excited by the idea that she asked Ivan if he might be able to help her with one other thing.

“Of course,” Ivan said.

She had bought a robe hook but didn’t have the right hardware to install it. Ivan had some drywall anchors on his truck, so he was happy to help.

After Ivan took care of all these extras for her, the homeowner was so happy she insisted on giving Ivan a sweet treat from her kitchen.

“She has a beautiful kitchen and is really into baking,” Ivan said. “She gave me some delicious cupcakes to take with me, which was really nice.”

Ivan, thanks for a couple of more Good Deeds For Free!