Good Deed Eliminates Breeding Ground For Mosquitos

Service Champions technician Jacob was at a Fullerton home when Jacob spotted a Good Deed he could do… and then he stacked another Good Deed on top of that!

First, he noticed a bunch of boxes from Costco that needed breaking down. Jacob says he often offers to cut down for boxes for clients – it’s the type of tedious task that homeowners tend to put off.

“Hey, do you want me to break these down for you, or are you saving these?” he asked the client.

“Oh, yes I just break those down and recycle them,” she said. “I had planned on doing that.”

“I have my blade with me,” Jacob told her. “It won’t take me anytime at all.”

After cutting them up, he took them to the recycling container and noticed a garbage can next to them that had a lot of water in them.

He mentioned it to the homeowner. “Do you want me to dump that water for you?” Jacob asked. “I’ve seen water like that breed mosquitos.”

“Oh, my goodness,” the homeowner said. “I don’t need mosquitoes – could you please dump it out?”

Jacob promptly took care of it for her.

“Thank you for taking care of this for me,” she said. “I really appreciate it!”

Jacob, thanks for keeping your eyes open for all the little things you can do to help homeowners with Good Deeds For Free – it all adds up!