Homeowner In A Pickle, But Our Technician Takes Care Of It

Service Champions technician Nathan was offering to do a big Good Deed For Free for an Irvine homeowner.

“I was talking to her and we got on the subject of yard work,” Nathan said. “She had told me she has arthritis really bad, so I offered to cut her grass for.”

She turned him down, but it gave her an idea for a much quicker Good Deed Nathan could do.

“You look your hands could handle opening this pickle jar,” she said. “Mine can’t!”

Nathan laughed. “Yes, I think he can do that.”

In what might be the fastest Good Deed For Free we’ve ever done, Nathan had the lid off in about one second.

Still, the client was happy to get out of the pickle she was in.

“She was happy and joking,” Nathan said. “Nice to be able to help her out a little bit.”

Nathan, thanks for talking with homeowners and finding out the little things that can make a difference with another Good Deed For Free!