Technician Quick Repair Saves Dining Room Chair From Trash

Many times a Service Champions technician will just see an opportunity for a Good Deed For Free and jump in and take care of it. But sometimes our customers ask if we can help with something specific… and the answer is “YES, we will!”

That’s what happened when our technician Joe was at a Cerritos home. The homeowner asked if Joe could take a look at a problem chair. The chair had wheels on the bottom, and one had spun off, throwing the chair off balance and making it useless.

The homeowner was ready to throw it out, even though she had 3 other chairs that matched the damaged one. “But do you think you could look at it and see if it’s fixable before I toss it out?” she asked Joe.

“Sure, let me have a look,” Joe said.

Turning it over, Joe could see the hole where the wheel inserted into the bottom of the leg, but it had become loose and would no longer hold. He got some glue and applied in to the wheel post and then hammered it into place.

He yanked on it and made sure it had lodged back in their firmly. Yep, it was solid again.

The customer was thrilled to have such a fast fix for a chair she was ready to pitch.

“It was good,” Joe said. “She really appreciated it and I was glad she didn’t have to throw out a chair that matched her other ones.

Joe, thanks for listening to your customer’s request for help and rescuing the chair with another Good Deed For Free!