What Is Involved in Heater Maintenance

For the average home, over 50 percent of the energy bill stems from the air conditioner and heater. Fortunately, there are many ways homeowners can save energy spending from the heater.

Heater maintenance prevents the majority of permanent damages and expensive repairs. In order to cut down on heater costs, specialists recommend heater maintenance twice a year to keep your heater clean, safe and healthy.

What do homeowners get from heater maintenance?

Heater maintenance delivers many benefits. It is the best method homeowners can choose to protect heaters against damages and early repairs.

With heater maintenance, homeowners get:

  • High indoor air quality
  • Reliable heater service
  • Longer system lifespan
  • Cleaner central air system
  • Better energy efficiency
  • Safe operation

During the heater maintenance, HVAC specialists perform a number of services.

Intensive Cleaning Scrubs Air Clean for Better Energy Use

With precision tools designed to reach the deepest and most fragile parts of the heater, your contractor cleans every part of the heater.

Homeowners may be surprised by what contractors discover inside. Heaters can be stuffed with:

  • Grease or oil buildup
  • Microbiological growth
  • Organic yard waste
  • Insects
  • Small animals

By removing buildup, mildew, microbiological growth and other obstruction, the system runs more smoothly. Without the resistance of these materials, homeowners see a definite improvement in energy usage. At the same time, the system and home air are healthy and clean.

Operations Tests Eliminate Trouble Spots

Your HVAC specialist also evaluates the entire central air system. From the thermostat inside the home to the condenser unit outside, each part is tested and examined for proper operation.

They will also reset and adjust settings throughout the furnace heater. This includes:

  • Safety switches
  • Tangled wires
  • Clogged condensate drain pipes
  • Full drain pans
  • Burnt motors
  • Loose screws
  • Changed pressure settings
  • Dirty air filters

With all these minor adjustments, heater service is more precise and productive, cutting down on energy costs.

Personalized Recommendations Help the Heater Last

With age, heaters change. In order to help the heater work for the home despite wear and tear, additional services are needed. This may include repairs or complete replacements. More often than not, there are services that help preserve the health of the heater. The exact services depend on your home, heater and lifestyle goals.

Your heater specialist may recommend services like:

  • Attic insulation
  • Central humidifier
  • Smart thermostat
  • New parts

By integrating additional services, the home works with your heater to create the environment homeowners want without high energy costs.

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