Technician Fixes TV Remote & Finds Lost Recording For Happy Homeowner

Service Champions Steven is good at finding unique ways of making someone’s day. He did that for an Orange homeowner recently simply by finding the time to solve a problem.

Steven was there to diagnose a thermostat issue, but discovered that the customer was frustrated because she couldn’t get her DirecTV remote to sync with her receiver. She’d already missed recording a tennis match she wanted to watch.

She was getting ready to contact the company for a service call when Steven stepped in.

“I didn’t want her to do that, because I know there is often a charge for service calls,” Steven said. “Plus, it would just be nice for her if the problem could get solved right away.”

Steven diagnosed and fixed the customer’s thermostat issue pretty quickly and then he told the homeowner he wanted to see if he could solve the remote-receiver issue.

“It helped that I have DirecTV myself,” Steven said. “I also watched a quick YouTube video I found on my phone. The video showed the process for getting the remote and receiver working together again.”

Steven did the necessary re-programming and checked it out – everything was working fine. But he wasn’t done yet.

“I used the program guide to track down a replay of the tennis match she had wanted to watch,” Steven said. “Then I set the receiver to record the replay so she could watch it later.”

The homeowner was happy – very happy! She thanked Steven and was impressed that he would take the time to fix something that had nothing to do with her thermostat or air-conditioner.

Way to go Steven – that was a thoughtful Good Deed For Free!

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