3 Of Our Technicians Team Up To Surprise Homeowner With Fixed Door Handle

Three Service Champions technicians – Dean, Frank, and Luke – were at a home in Anaheim Hills on a service call. Luke happened to notice that the front door handle stuck, making the door difficult to open.

“It was really, really sticky,” he said.  Luke saw that it was old and had some corrosion, but nothing that could not be cleaned up and fixed.

The technicians decided to work together to surprise the homeowner with a smooth operating door handle.

“We took apart the door handles and cleaned and re-conditioned it,” Dean said. “We oiled it and the door was now opening and closing correctly.”

It took about 35 minutes, but they were satisfied that it was perfectly operational.

Next came the fun part: showing the customer what they had done.

“She was ecstatic,” Dean said. “She told us, ‘I’ve never had it work that well before!’”

The guys explained Good Deeds For Free and told her they enjoyed helping homeowners with extras.

Fella, that was great teamwork and another Good Deed For Free that made a customer’s day – nice work!

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