Closing The Vent Gives This Customer A Warm Feeling

When Service Champions technician Michael was called out to service a furnace, he didn’t know he’d be sharing his workplace with an unexpected but pleasant co-worker that day.

The furnace was in the garage, and the garage doubled as the customer’s craft studio. The customer worked on her crafts, and Michael on the furnace. And they enjoyed chatting together as they shared a workspace.

“She was in there working the whole time I was there,” Michael said. “Just a nice, pleasant person to talk with.”

During the conversation, Michael mentioned ‘Good Deeds For Free’ and said if there was anything she needed help with in the garage/studio he’d be happy to do it.

She didn’t take him up on the offer right away, but as Michael was wrapping up his work, she said, “There actually is one thing that maybe you could help me with.”

She had a problem with a vent that had been installed in the garage. It was usually helpful to have the extra ventilation in her studio, but now that it was getting cold outside and the open vent was making it quite chilly in the garage.

The vent was high up on the ceiling and was supposed to be easy to open and close with a latch operated at ground level. But the ‘open/close’ mechanism never really worked well and she couldn’t get it to close.

Could Michael take a look and see if he could get the vent closed and the cold air stopped?

Of course, he’d be happy to see what he could do!

Michael got his ladder and once he got up to the vent, he could see it was a cinch to close. The whole thing only took about 10 minutes – most of it setting up the ladder and getting up there!

“She was real happy to have the cold air stopped,” Michael said. “We connected during our time working and talking together in the garage. She appreciated that I did that for her.”

Michael, way to stop the cold with your warm deed!