Good Deeds Even On His Lunch Break!

It seems Service Champions technician Michael is not picky about the ‘where and when’ of his good deeds. He’ll do them when he’s on break, and even when it’s not a Service Champions’ customer!

Michael had just finished eating his lunch and was walking back to the parking lot, enjoying the last of his break. His truck was parked near a blue SUV that had the hood up. The car’s owner was staring at the battery and the look on his face said he wasn’t having a great day.

“Could you give me a jump?” he asked Michael. “I’ve got cables, I just need a good battery to attach them to.”

Michael wasn’t sure if the SUV’s owner had seen the ‘Good Deeds For Free’ painted on the side of the truck and maybe asked him because of that. Of course, it didn’t really matter to Michael. He’s the type to help whatever the reason!

Michael maneuvered his truck so he was parked directly in front of the disabled SUV and they worked together to get the cables attached. The owner hopped in the driver’s seat and turned the ignition. Success!

The SUV owner was smiling as he thanked Michael. It seems Michael’s willingness to help jumpstarted both his car and his day.

Michael, thank you for being true to the spirit of ‘Good Deeds For Free’… even on your break!