Technician Puts His Own “Stamp” On This Good Deed For Free

On a recent service call in San Covina, Service Champions technician Christian got a somewhat unusual request. The homeowners wanted to know if he could possibly run to the post office for them.

“They had run out of stamps and wondered if I would go pick some up,” he said.

Christian knew they didn’t drive, so even small errands like this were challenging to accomplish.

“I hadn’t started the work yet, so I just decided to get it done for them right then,” Christian said.

In about 10 minutes Christian was at the post office buying stamps. The homeowners had asked if he could pick them up one book of American flag stamps, but Christian decided to pick up an extra book for them.

“They were really excited that I had brought them two books of stamps instead of just one,” Christian said.  

Their smiles got even bigger when Christian told them how much they owed him.

“Please, don’t worry about that,” he said. “This is on me.”Christian, you really put your own unique “stamp” on the Good Deed For Free – thanks for traveling the extra mile for your clients!