Technician Makes Sure Nothing Gets Lost In Translation

Service Champions technician Jason was on a service call in Corona when he noticed the homeowner attempting to give special instructions to the people working on his yard.

The person the client usually spoke to wasn’t there that day and none of the workers spoke English.

“I saw the homeowner trying to talk to the gardeners working on his yard,” Jason said. “He was trying to tell them that he only wanted the front yard cut and not the back.”

Jason could see the confusion on the worker’s faces as the client attempted to explain.

Jason walked over and asked, “Can I lend a hand?”

“Do you speak Spanish?” the client asked.

“Oh, yes, fluently,” Jason said.

Problem solved. Jason explained exactly what the client needed, and any misunderstanding was immediately cleared up.

“Gracias,” the workers said, smiling as they got to back to work on the client’s yard.

“Thank you,” the homeowner said. “That was really helpful.”

“I was happy to help out,” said Jason. “Knowing a second language can really come in handy sometimes.”

Thanks for communicating the spirit of Good Deeds For Free Jason!