This Good Deeds Gets Client Fired Up

Service Champions technician Carlo was recently at a San Clemente home working on a client’s air conditioning unit.

Carlo had his Stinger vacuum out clearing condensation out of the air conditioning lines when his client had a question.

“Hey, since you have that thing out, would you mind doing a favor for me?” the client asked.

The homeowner explained that the gas line attached to his in-ground barbeque had not been installed properly. Water was getting in the line and preventing the barbeque from igniting.

Carlo knew his vacuum would be the perfect tool to clear water out of the gas line and told the client he’d be happy to help.

Carlo hooked his Stinger up to the gas line and in just a few minutes had pulled out a lot of water.

“That thing works really well,” the client said.“It really does,” Carlo said. “Go ahead and fire it up and let’s see if it works.”

The client turned on the gas, hit the ignition button and “whoosh” the barbeque fired right up.

“I usually have to get a plumber out here to clear that line,” the client said. “You saved me a service call. I really appreciate you taking the time.”

“My pleasure,” Carlo said.

Carlo, job well done – that’s another Good Deed for Free!