Homeowners’ Top Heating and Cooling Questions

Today, heating and cooling systems are so smart and efficient they can mostly take care of themselves. Homeowners enjoy heating and cooling without a care. Unfortunately, there are sometimes when the heating and cooling still doesn’t seem right.

Here are answers to the top questions homeowners have for our HVAC technicians.

Why does my heating and cooling feel dirty?

Heating and cooling should feel light, breezy and clean. The air filter in the central air system helps keep it that way. When the air filter is not replaced regularly, dust and other particles get stuck inside the heating and cooling system. These particles also float around the house. Essentially, homeowners have dirty air conditioning.

To restore clean and healthy heating and cooling, replace the air filter twice a year. If you have pets or other lifestyle considerations, perhaps change the air filter more frequently.

Simply changing the air filter helps keep the home and air clean. It also protects the heating and cooling system from additional stress that can wear parts down more quickly.

Why does my heating and cooling make loud noises?

The heating and cooling system can make a variety of noises. Some of these noises are normal and others signal a more serious condition. For the majority of homeowners, these noises are harmless but do affect home comfort and peace of mind.

How do these noises come about? As the heating and cooling system works, parts vibrate and move. Over time, small screws, nuts, bolts and other pieces come undone. As the heating and cooling continues to work, these pieces tick, click, thump and buzz.

While these noises are nothing serious, if you do hear these sounds, it’s probably time for HVAC maintenance. Heating and cooling maintenance gives your HVAC technician the chance to make these small fixes and scout for bigger problems before they happen.

Why does my heating and cooling not work?

More often than not, heating and cooling doesn’t work for very simple reasons. Before calling for professional help, homeowners should check:

  • The thermostat. Is it set at the temperature you want? Is it low or high enough to prompt heating and cooling?
  • Energy sources. Has the breaker tripped? Is the gas line working? Check with your service providers to see if there’s been an outage of any kind.

Once those easy checks have been taken care of, contact your heating and cooling specialist. He or she may discover:

  • A refrigerant leak
  • A blown capacitor in the condenser unit
  • The safety switch tripped
  • Compromised evaporator coils

Once the problem has been discovered, they deliver the fix.

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