Technician Makes Customer’s Heavy Load A Little Lighter

As we visit our customers over time, we get to know them better.

Service Champions technician Greg was returning to a Rosemead home for service and took a few minutes to chat with his customer. In previous visits, her mother had been in the house.

Greg asked after her mother and found that she had passed recently.

Greg told her how sorry he was to hear that, and as they talked more, he learned she was starting the process of clearing things out.

“Is there anything I can do to help you?” Greg asked. “Something that needs done, something you can’t reach, or something heavy that needs moved?”

“Well actually I’m getting a new treadmill delivered today but they aren’t going to take the old one,” she said. “But it’s really heavy so if you can’t do it that’s okay.”

“Let’s go take a look at it,” Greg said. The customer took him to the den and showed Greg the old bulky treadmill. He estimated it was about 80 or 90 pounds.

He decided that it would only fit out the back of the house and then through a gate to the front yard. He took some time to clear a path and then got started. Altogether it took about 25 minutes, but Greg got it to the curb.

The homeowner was relieved and very happy to have the problem solved.

“She thanked me many times,” Greg said. “I could tell her mom’s passing was weighing on her.”

Greg was happy that this ‘Good Deed’ made her day and lifted her spirits, if even just a little.

Nice ‘Good Deed For Free,’ Greg – you did some heavy lifting!

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