Customer Day Brightened By Gift Of Technician’s Flashlight

You’ve heard of giving you the shirt off their back?

In the same spirit, Service Champions technician Steven gave away the flashlight out of his toolbox!

It began when Steven was showing his customer what services he had completed during a tune-up in a Covina home.

And because it was so dark in the furnace area, Steven brought out his flashlight.

It’s no ordinary flashlight! It has a thousand lumens, and is so high intensity that it comes with a big battery that has a daily recharger.

As soon as Steven clicked it on, the homeowner was blown away by how much light it provided.

“Whoa, Whoa, WHOA,” he said. “What is that? I’ve never seen a light that bright!”

Steven had to chuckle to himself, because he understood. “He was pretty excited about that flashlight. I could relate because that’s how I get about tools, too.”

Steven started to think about it. He had been planning on ordering a new flashlight soon anyway. Why not give this one away to someone who would love it?

The clincher for Steven was the homeowner asked him where he could buy one!

At the end of the service call, Steven said: “Hey, you really liked my flashlight. How about you keep it? I was already planning on ordering a new one. You can keep this one with the charger and everything, so you’ll never run out of battery.”

“No, I can’t take that,” the customer said.

Steven finally talked him into it by telling him it would make him happy to be able to give it away to someone who loved it. He also told him, “Look, consider it my ‘Good Deed For Free’ to you!”

The homeowner relented and loved the flashlight. And Steven said later that it didn’t just make the customer’s day; it made his, too.

Steven, that ‘Good Deed For Free’ shines especially bright!

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