Mirror Falls Apart In Front Of Him… But Our Technician Gets It Back Together

Service Champions technician Allen was looking at a bathroom vent in a Santa Ana home. His customer was with him, and she accidently brushed against an antique mirror that was sitting on a wash stand.

The mirror fell out of the frame but luckily it didn’t fall to the floor and break.

“It kind of look like it just disassembled itself in front of me without actually cracking,” Allen said.

“Oh it’s a really old mirror,” the homeowner told Allen. “It’s been like that.”

“Maybe I can make it not like that,” Allen said.

Allen took a look and saw that it had been held together by glue, but the glue had worn off.

“The old adhesive isn’t holding anymore,” he said. “I can use aluminum tape and fix this.”

Allen headed out to his truck and grabbed the tape and then used it to firmly secure the mirror to the backing and frame.

He explained that aluminum tape would be strong enough to hold the mirror in place and wouldn’t come off if it got wet.

Best of all, Allen was able to do it in such a way that the tape couldn’t be seen at all.

In just a few minutes, he had the mirror good as new and Allen had a happy homeowner.

“She was smiling and thanking me for solving that problem,” Alvin said.

Nice job Allen – keep those ‘Good Deeds For Free’ coming!

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