Technician Lights Up Homeowner’s Day & Saves Her Some Money, Too.

123 Wes Hawkes Light Bulb 0524 Inside

Service Champions technician Wes was on a call to fix a furnace in Fullerton and the homeowner was frustrated. She was having one of those days when it seemed like everything was breaking at once.

The customer had a new light fixture in her hand. “Everything’s happening at one time. I went to change my light bulb and the old fixture broke,” she said. “Now I’ll have to call an electrician to install this and he’s going to charge me all kinds of money.”

Wes saw the light fixture in her hand and knew he could install it in minutes. Wes grew up the son of a general contractor, so there’s not much having to do with a house that he can’t do!

“Why don’t I install that for you?” Wes said. “It won’t take me long.”

The homeowner couldn’t believe it.

“You’ll do that for me?” she asked. “But why are you doing that?”

Wes explained ‘Good Deeds For Free’ and how it is part of the Service Champions mission to look for ways to help customers with small acts of helping and kindness.

“And if it will save you some money, too, I’m happy to do it,” Wes told her.

Wes had it done in a little over 10 minutes and the client was thrilled.

The new light was an LED light, so Wes took a little extra time to explain how it differed from the old fixture, which was for an incandescent bulb.

“She was shocked that we would do these extras for free, but she was really happy to get it done without having to call anyone,” Wes said.

Wes, way to light up your client’s day! Thanks for another ‘Good Deed For Free!’