Technician Goes Extra Mile To Get This Sprinkler System Ship-Shape Again

Service Champions technician James was doing an air-conditioning tune-up at an Irvine home and he noticed a sprinkler programming control box that was seriously warped from sun damage.

James asked the homeowner about it.

“Yep, I know – it’s been like that for years,” he said. “I just don’t know how to replace it myself.”

James told him it was easy and began to explain the process.

“I’m afraid I’m not that good at this kind of stuff,” the homeowner told James. “I know it’s already late in the day and you’re on a schedule. Is there any way you could come back and install it?”

James didn’t hesitate. “You bet!”

The next time James had a service call in Irvine, he stopped by the home again after his work day was finished. It ended up taking him about 40 minutes because he ran into an issue.

“It took me a little longer than I expected because I had to drill a new hole because the old hole was loose,” James said. “I wanted to make extra sure that it was properly secured.”

The homeowner was very appreciative, especially that he would come back on another day. But James told him it’s how he treats all his clients.

“Anytime I can do a Good Deed for someone, I’m going to do it.”

James, thank you for being such a strong ambassador of Good Deeds For Free!