Technician Puts Together Walker For His Customer

Service Champions technician Andy was in a Glendora home for a tune-up and was having a pleasant chat with the homeowner. That’s when he spotted a brand-new walker, but he noticed it wasn’t assembled.

“Hey, I see that walker there, how come it’s still in the box?” Andy asked. “Don’t you want to test that out?”

“Well, I’m not sure how to put it together myself, so I’m just waiting for a day when my grandson can stop by to get it done,” the homeowner told him.

“I can do it for you,” Andy said. At first the customer politely declined, but Andy told him it would be no problem and explained ‘Good Deeds For Free.’

The man gave the go-ahead and Andy got to work. It turned out the instructions were clear and easy-to-follow and Andy had it assembled in about 10 minutes.

Next Andy worked with the customer to get the height just right. He also asked the man to walk with it a bit – Andy wanted to make sure it was completely stable and safe to use!

The customer found that it worked great and was thrilled to have it together and ready to use.

“He was a nice man,” Andy said. “I also worked with him so he could learn to operate his new thermostat – he loved that.”

Andy, thanks for taking the time to spot an opportunity to make a difference in your customer’s life. Keep those ‘Good Deeds For Free’ coming!