Heavy Lifting Good Deed Earns this Technician Free Cookies

Service Champions technician Jorge overheard a conversation between his client in Huntington Beach and her daughter. It sounded like they could use some help with some heavy lifting.

There were 40 lb. bags of top soil in the homeowner’s van that needed to be carried to the garden. The homeowner asked her daughter about carrying them, but the daughter reminded her of her bad back.

Then they said maybe the daughter’s 10-year-old son could carry the bags, but Jorge immediately offered to take care of it.

“I had told them when I first got there for the service call that I could help them out with other things,” Jorge said. “So, I reminded them, ‘we do Good Deeds. Let me get the bags.’”

Jorge got right to it and moved the 5 bags of soil to the garden.

We don’t do Good Deeds For Free to get a reward, but this time Jorge did get a gift in return.

“They were so happy that I did that for them they gave me some ‘cookies to go’ when I left,” Jorge said. “The client said, ‘Here’s a little treat for you for your voyage back home or to your next call.’”

Jorge, way to jump in and do what needed to be done – another excellent Good Deed For Free!