Technician Joins In The Family BBQ… And Takes A Turn At The Grill!

Our technician Ivan was performing a tune-up at a home in Brea and he discovered some significant issues with his client’s furnace.

Because of the size of the problem, Ivan made the call for a Service Champions supervisor to come in and verify his diagnosis. Ivan then completed the tune-up and was waiting on the supervisor to arrive.

As he waited, Ivan got into a conversation with his client, who had just fired up the grill. Every Saturday morning, the man, a widower, and his son had a tradition of getting together. They fire up the grill, enjoy some good wine, and pleasant conversation.

“Well, I don’t have anything left to do until my supervisor gets here. What can I do to help?” Ivan said.

The client told Ivan just to sit back and enjoy, but Ivan talked him into letting him help at the grill.

“We made some delicious chicken,” Ivan said. “I’m not sure what they had marinated it in, but it tasted really good.”

Ivan said it was chicken tacos on the menu, with fresh guacamole.

“The homeowner and his son were just super, super nice,” Ivan said. “I just enjoyed talking with them and helping a little on the grill, and then breaking bread with them.”

Ivan, thanks for taking the time to discover more about your clients and help out on the grill. That’s another Good Deed For Free!