Technician Stops In The Rain To Help Change A Tire… And Finds Out The Man Is A Service Champions Rewards Member!

Service Champions is known for our Good Deeds For Free, but sometimes people don’t realize we’ll do Good Deeds for anyone – not just our clients.

That’s why Service Champions technician Joseph decided to stop in the rain when he saw someone trying to change his tire on the side of the road in the city of Diamond Bar.

“I could see he was having trouble,” Joseph said. “When I asked him if he needed help, he was happy to accept.”

As the rain came down on Joseph, he realized the man was using the wrong tools. Joseph got the right tools, jacked up the car, put on the new tire, lowered the car, and tightened the bolts… all while trying to stay out of the puddles!

The man offered to tip Joseph, but he refused, noting that this was a Good Deed For Free. Joseph gave him his card, and the man surprised him by saying, “Oh yeah, I’m a member in your rewards program.”

“That’s great,” Joseph said. “I’m glad we were able to get this taken care of so you aren’t stuck in the rain.”

We do Good Deeds For Free for all… but sometimes they turn out to be a Service Champions clients anyway!