Technician Helps Veteran Properly Retire American Flag

Service Champions technician Dan was on a service call at the home of a military veteran when he was asked to perform a special duty.

The veteran had two tattered U.S. flags flying and wanted to get them down and properly retire them, but he couldn’t climb a ladder due to recent surgeries.

Dan, a military veteran himself, was happy to help. He had experience in the proper way to retire a flag, having done it as part of his voluntary work with a local Boy Scout troop.

So Dan set up a ladder and got the flags down off the house. Then the man lit a fire he’d already prepared, and he and Dan held a solemn flag retirement ceremony.

As is customary, the flags were folded into triangles and then burned. Dan said it was moving, especially when the man added a few words from the heart about his service.

Dan, thank you and your fellow veteran for serving our country – and thanks for another Good Deed For Free!