Colorblind Homeowner Asks For Help Matching Paint

Service Champions technician Mike arrived for a service call at a Huntington Beach home and he found the homeowner ready at the front door, and with an unusual request.

“I have a Good Deed for you!” the homeowner said.

“Sure,” Mike said. “What can I help with?”

Mike followed him to a hallway where several paint cans were set up along the wall. The homeowner was colorblind and asked Mike which paint can best matched the paint on the walls.

He told Mike he had a voluntary painting helper coming soon and needed to have the paint all set before the help arrived.

“He’s already helping me out, so I want to have the right paint all set up for him,” the homeowner explained.

Mike smiled. This was one Good Deed he hadn’t expected but of course he was happy to help. He carefully inspected each can and found the match. The homeowner was very appreciative and relieved to have this done.

Good Deed For Free come in all shapes and sizes – thanks Mike for taking the time to help!