Our Technician Helps This Homeowner Stay Out Of Trouble With His Wife

The homeowner in Claremont needed some assistance, so he came to our technician David. He was at the home to perform a tune-up.

“I know you guys do Good Deeds For Free, and I have a good deed for you,” he said. “Do you think you could help me out with something?”

David was of course willing to help. The homeowner went on to explain that he had a ditch digger that needed to go to the repair shop, but that he wasn’t sure about trying to lift it into his truck himself.

“If I lift it and get hurt, or if my wife finds out I’m lifting stuff that’s heavy, I’m going to be in trouble,” he told David.

“No problem, I got this” David said. “Where is it?”

David was directed to the garage and was able to lift the ditch digger without too much trouble into the customer’s pick-up truck.

The client was very grateful. It also turned out that they shared a bond over military service.

“He had served in the Army in the Vietnam era, and I myself am a former Marine,” David said. “He’s a really good guy and it was nice talking to him.”

David, awesome job – keep those Good Deeds For Free coming!