Technician Goes Out Of His Way To Find A Good Deed To Do

Technician Goes Out Of His Way To Find A Good Deed To Do…

And Solves A Problem Homeowner Didn’t Know He Had

The service call at the Altadena home finished up more quickly than Service Champions technician Greg had anticipated. With a little extra time, Greg decided to check again with the homeowner if he could do something for him.

Greg had noticed the homeowner was moving a little slow and was possibly recovering from an injury.

“Hey, is there anything you need done around here?” Greg asked. “Something you need help lifting or something like that?”

The client thought for a moment and said, “Actually, there is something.”

He asked Greg to hold up one end of some new blinds he was installing on the front windows of his home to block the heavy sun it got during the day. As Greg was assisting him, he realized why there was a problem installing them.

“I think these brackets are actually installed backwards,” Greg said. The client took a look and saw Greg was right.

Greg took the brackets out and re-mounted them correctly. The blinds were pretty easy to install after that.

“The homeowner was very happy and very appreciative, I think especially because he wasn’t thinking of asking me for help,” Greg said. “But when I brought it up to him, he realized I could help.”

Greg, super job with another ‘Good Deed For Free!”