Our Technician Helps Cut Back The Tree, Piece By Piece

It is something we see fairly often at Service Champions: landscaping that starts to grow to the point where it can impact the functioning of the heating and air conditioning system.

When we see it, we alert the homeowner and let them know the issue – and when possible, try to be part of the solution.

Such was the case with a tree in the backyard at a Yorba Linda home when our technician Michael visited for service.

There was a tree that had grown naturally toward sunlight, and had now reached 15 foot. The branches had expanded and were now restricting the HVAC system’s operation because they were so close to the condenser.

Michael brought the homeowner out to show him the issue. This client turned out to be a very proactive guy – he wasted no time finding his saw.

“I can do this – I’ll just do it right now,” the homeowner said. Michael jumped right on board with the homeowner’s ‘get-it-done’ attitude.

“We just started cutting down the tree, working as a team” Michael said. “We went limb by limb and chopped it down about halfway.”

It took about 30 minutes, but by the time they were done, the tree was half its former size and the home’s HVAC system could again work at its peak performance.

Michael also enjoyed chatting with his client as they chopped and sawed their way through the tree’s branches.

“He was a very relaxed guy,” Michael said. “We talked about our dogs because I have one exactly like his – a brown and tan Yorkie mix. I don’t see too many dogs that look like mine.”

Michael, excellent work stepping up and helping the homeowner get the job done. Keep those Good Deeds For Free coming!