Tech Saves The Day With A Ride For His Client

The homeowner in Rosemead had a problem. She usually worked with her husband at their small business, but today she stayed home to because Service Champions technician Dan was arriving to perform a tune-up.

As bad luck would have it, the family business ended up being particularly busy that day and her husband called and said he could really use her help.

But the husband and wife shared a car, and he already had it at the workplace 7 miles away. It was too busy for him to leave to come get her. It looked like her only option was walking.

Our technician Dan didn’t know any of this as he finished up the tune-up. He was in his Service Champions truck and was about to leave when he heard a tapping on the window.

“I hate to ask this,” the homeowner said. “But which way are you going?”

She explained that her husband was swamped at work. Normally she would call her grown children for a ride to go help him, but they were out of town.

Dan told her of course he could give her a ride. Just point him in the right direction and tell him how to get there!

In about 20 minutes, Dan had her at work and she was extremely appreciative.

“She was just very gracious and very grateful – she loves Service Champions,” Dan said. “I think she felt awkward about asking for a favor, but I made sure she knew it was no problem for me to help.”

Dan, thanks for giving your client a lift – literally and figuratively! Another fantastic Good Deed For Free