Tech Discovers Potentially Dangerous Gas Leak And Alerts Homeowner

Service Champions technician David was performing a tune-up at a Claremont home when he sniffed out a potentially dangerous situation: the smell of natural gas.

“I was working on the outside condenser, which was about 15 feet from the gas main,” David said. As he got closer to the gas main, he noticed the smell got more and more powerful.

“I used my spray bottle and soapy water to pinpoint the leak,” David said. “It was coming from the gas shut-off valve and I immediately got the homeowner.”

David showed him where the leak was and advised him to call the gas company right away.

The gas company showed up in about 15 minutes and it turned out the problem was even more dangerous than David suspected.

“The gas company technician discovered the valve was actually corroded and cracked in the back, due to old age,” David said. “When he tried to fix it, it actually cracked completely and broke off the rest of the way.”

The homeowner was extremely grateful that David was alert enough to discover the problem, and couldn’t thank them enough.

David was also happy to avert what could have turned out to be a very dangerous situation.

“The gas main was a bit too close to the electrical portion of the condenser, and if there were a little electrical shock in there and that gas leaked out too much, it could have caused a traumatic event.”

David, way to look out for your client’s safety – that’s a very alert Good Deed For Free!