Man Surprised That Our Technician Stopped To Help A ‘Complete Stranger’

Service Champions technician Jorge saw a man pushing his truck on a busy road in Garden Grove. The man was all alone as cars whizzed by.

“I could tell he needed help,” Jorge said. “I was on my way home from work so I parked and ran back to help him.”

They pushed the car about 200 yards until they could get if off the road and safely into a parking lot. Many people would have left it at that, but Jorge wasn’t done helping.

There was an AutoZone just up the road and Jorge offered the man a ride to get the battery he needed to get his truck moving again.

As they drove along, Jorge mentioned Good Deeds For Free.

“He was just really happy and grateful that I stopped,” Jorge said. “He was surprised that I stopped for a complete stranger to do a good deed.”

Once at the auto parts store, Jorge waited and then returned the man to his car.

Jorge, thanks for going the extra mile and going out of your way to help someone who needed it – that’s another excellent Good Deed For Free!