Technician Gives Homeowner A Free “Civics” Lesson

Service Champions technician Frank was on a call in Mission Viejo and asked his client if there was any Good Deed he could do for her.

She jumped at the chance.

“I need help with my car,” she told him. Frank said that should be no problem – his father-in-law is a mechanic and Frank knows cars pretty well.

“No, I don’t need anything repaired,” she said. “I have a brand-new Honda Civic and I don’t know how to work the heat or AC.”

Of course, working for Service Champions, Frank is an expert on heating and AC in the home, but he was willing to help with the car version, too.

They got in the car and Frank walked her through how to do every function she was confused about.

She explained she had moved out here from New York recently and had used subways, buses, and taxis and still wasn’t used to the car. Plus, with this new car, she was having trouble figuring out the touch screen controls.

So, Frank went through everything one by one, and got her clock set to the right time, too.

“I also made sure she repeated everything I did so she could be confident that she knew how to do it,” Frank said. “That way she wouldn’t get in the car by herself later and say, ‘how did he do that?’”

The homeowner had a smile from ear to ear when they were done. “This is great, now I know all this and I don’t have to go back to the dealer to figure it out.”

Frank, thanks for giving your client a great lesson in (Honda) Civics – that’s another superb Good Deed For Free!