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The best heater repair service in Fountain Valley comes from Service Champions. Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning delivers expert technical care with superior customer service so homeowners enjoy their best home possible.  Thousands of homeowners have already trusted their repairs to our experts for extraordinary results.

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Each Service Champions technician:

  • Passed drug tests and background checks
  • Trains every year for 150 hours with a master technician
  • Arrives on time and fully prepared for service
  • Uses the most advanced methods of technical care
  • Is courteous and professional
  • Completes your heater repair in one visit*
  • Keeps and leaves your home clean

You deserve superior heater repair service in Fountain Valley. Get the best of HVAC with Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning. We guarantee your total satisfaction with our heater repair service in Fountain Valley.

Think Fast with Heater Repair Service in Fountain Valley

When you need heater repair service in Fountain Valley, it is important to schedule the appointment right away. Many homeowners forget, procrastinate or avoid making the appointment. They fear the inconvenience of having a technician in their home and want to avoid the high cost of heater repair service in Fountain Valley. However, heater repairs do not have to cost so much.

Homeowners can easily avoid the high cost by scheduling repairs as soon as they are detected. Procrastinating on heater repair service in Fountain Valley only allows damages to spread, causing unwanted issues like high costs. Waiting to schedule repairs also causes:

  • A shorter furnace lifespan
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Lowered energy efficiency
  • Home discomfort
  • Additional damages

How can you know if you need heater repair service in Fountain Valley? Any unusual behavior from the central air system is cause for worry. Additionally, look for signs such as:

  • Odd or bad smells from the vents
  • Loud or repetitive noises
  • Irregular or unreliable heating and air conditioning
  • Changes to the utility bill
  • Changes in home comfort
  • Lower indoor air quality
  • Reduced energy efficiency
  • Poor home comfort
  • System short cycling

If you notice any of these signs with your central air system, call for heater repair service in Fountain Valley. Quick treatment minimizes damages and costs while restoring proper heating and air conditioning. It is the most effective approach to protecting your home and central air system.

Air Condition Repairs

Common Reasons for Heater Repair Service in Fountain Valley

Why might you need heater repair service in Fountain Valley? The reason is as unique as your home.

You may need heater repairs because of:

  • An old or overused central air system
  • Preexisting damages and repairs
  • Poor care habits or usage habits
  • Physical trauma to the system
  • Incorrect repair service
  • Spoiled equipment
  • Obstruction and debris
  • Buildup

For most homes, buildup and lack of maintenance cause the need for heater repair service in Fountain Valley.

When the heating and air conditioning runs, airflow sweeps thousands of particles and germs from the home into the central air system. The air filter stops some of these particles. Others make it through and stick to fragile and delicate parts within the central air system. Over time, more and more particles collect in the same places and develop into stubborn buildup.

Buildup grows in size, becoming a physical obstacle for parts as they grind and move. This type of obstruction eats away at surrounding parts, moving, separating and evening breaking them apart.

With stubborn buildup inside the central air, you may need heater repair service in Fountain Valley for:

  • Microbiological growth
  • Sticky fire exchangers
  • Dirty flame sensors
  • An overheated furnace
  • Dislocated wires
  • Stalled blower motors

Once buildup sets, the central air system works harder to deliver the same amount of heating and air conditioning. Because it experiences greater stress and wears more quickly, homeowners find themselves needing heater repair service in Fountain Valley.

The longer you wait to make these repairs, the more likely it is for damages to spread. When you detect a change with your central air, play it safe and call for heater repair service in Fountain Valley.

Furnace Repairs Inside

Parts That Often Need Heater Repair Service in Fountain Valley

The heating process utilizes certain parts of the central air system. These parts routinely need maintenance and technical adjustments in order to deliver high quality and efficient heating. Besides these major parts, there are other smaller overlooked pieces that need heater repair service in Fountain Valley, too. So while you may be caring for your larger equipment pieces, do not forget to pay attention to these three parts.

  • Drip pan

The drip pan does not technically contribute to the heating process. However, it is part that many technicians see needing repair. Drip pans are used to collect water that results from the air conditioning process. These pans are made of durable plastic. However, when high heat from heating passes over these pans, the plastic dehydrates and cracks. As a result, when air conditioning season comes around, homeowners find water leaks and puddles all over their floors.

Drip pans simply need to be replaced. Be to sure to schedule for this heater repair service in Fountain Valley before air conditioning season begins to avoid a watery mess.

  • Blower motors

Blower motors move air in and out of the house and through the central air system. Without them, air stands still and no matter how hard the rest of the central air works, it is unlikely that you get to feel any heating or air conditioning.

You will know if you have issues with your blower motors if you do not feel air moving in or out of the vents. Refrain from using the heating and air conditioning if your blower motors need technical attention. Forcing the central air to work despite necessary repairs causes even more damages. Energy spending inevitably rises and the temperature of the home will not change. In order to restore proper heating and air conditioning, schedule hater repair service in Fountain Valle as soon as possible.

Heater repair service in Fountain Valley for blower motors are common and costs can be managed as long as service is called for early.

  • Thermostat

The thermostat works as the remote control of the central air system. Without it, we have no access to heating and air conditioning. While small, it is an important and vital part of the entire central air system and needs just as much attention as any other piece.

The thermostat may need heater repair service in Fountain Valley for a number of reasons. Obstruction or debris lodged inside can disrupt or disconnect wires, eat away at the control board and cause other technical issues. In order to restore operation, schedule heater repair service in Fountain Valley.

If your thermostat is old, it may be more cost effective to upgrade to a newer smarter model. Today’s HVAC technology has produced many smart programmable thermostats that give you greater control over your heating and air conditioning.

For example, with smart thermostats you can control heating and air conditioning even when away from home.

Speak to your HVAC specialist on whether or not a new smarter thermostat is the best option for your home.

HVAC technology constantly upgrades. This means that technicians always have innovative ways to elevate your home heating. The next time you need heater repair service in Fountain Valley, ask how to maximize your furnace. There may be specific solutions that work for your home and lifestyle.

Prevent Heater Repair Service in Fountain Valley from Home

Natural wear and tear to the central air system cannot be prevented. Over time the system will eventually require some level of heater repair service in Fountain Valley. However, you can do plenty to prevent serious or expensive heater repairs.

Most repairs are caused by buildup. Buildup starts with home hygiene and indoor air pollution. There are thousands of different types of particles in our home and air. Some include:

  • Yard waste
  • Outdoor allergens
  • Human and animal dander
  • Radon
  • Lead
  • Formaldehyde
  • VOCs from cleaning supplies
  • Textile fibers
  • Dirt, dust and dust mites
  • Insects and fecal matter
  • Microbiological growth
  • Bacteria and germs
  • Smokes
  • Odors and smells
  • Gasses and vapors
  • Oils and greases

These tiny particles pollute home air, damage energy efficiency and cause heater repair service in Fountain Valley. If you want to avoid expensive repairs and protect the lifespan of your furnace, start by minimizing indoor air pollutants in your home.

  • Replace harsh chemicals with friendlier solutions
  • Seal all cracks around the home
  • Replace windows with energy efficient options
  • Insulate the home against heat loss
  • Switch heavy textiles for hypoallergenic alternatives
  • Be sure to clean the home often
  • Wipe down vents and ceiling fans
  • Keep the central air system as clean as possible
  • Limit pet access indoors
  • Replace or clean the filter to the stove
  • Invest in proper ventilation

Most importantly, replace the air filter to your central air system every few months. The air filter captures up to 50 percent of all airborne particles and germs. They are essential to keeping indoor air quality high while protecting the central air from damaging particles. However, they are only effective when clean. What’s another reason you should change the air filter? Clean air filters reduce energy spending by 15 percent.

Too many homeowners try to overuse the same air filter. Unfortunately, this causes energy expenditure to rise, adds stress to the central air and does not adequately clean indoor air. Replace the air filter every few months. It is the best thing you can do for your central air system from home.

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Avoid Heater Repair Service in Fountain Valley with HVAC Maintenance

While a home care regimen does a lot of good for your central air, it does not take the place of professional service. The best way to avoid the majority of heater repairs is through HVAC maintenance.

Every HVAC technician recommends maintenance because it successfully prevents 90 percent of all expensive heater repair service in Fountain Valley. Homeowners who have maintenance twice a year have:

  • Better indoor air quality
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • A cleaner and more comfortable home
  • Reliable heating and air conditioning
  • A longer-lasting system
  • Fewer repairs and damages
  • Peace of mind

With maintenance, you give your furnace a doctor’s appointment with an expert. Your technician delivers specialized one-on-one care for your specific furnace.

During maintenance, your contractor:

  • Fully evaluates the entire system, inside and out
  • Removes buildup, obstruction, microbiological growth and water
  • Scrubs the heater and air conditioner clean using precision tools
  • Runs tests to detect weaknesses in operation performance
  • Adjusts wires, connections and attachments
  • Resets safety switches and checks for leaks
  • Measures energy expenditure and air pressure
  • Identifies weak zones, damages and repairs
  • Delivers treatment for restoration

From the thermostat inside the home to the condenser unit outside, your technician checks every last bit to ensure proper and safe operation. Once maintenance is complete, you will notice an immediate improvement in energy efficiency, performance reliability, indoor air quality and home comfort.

HVAC maintenance prevents the majority of repairs because it gives your technician a chance to deliver treatment before it is necessary. This minimizes damages from the very beginning so you can avoid costly heater repair service in Fountain Valley.

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No matter the repair you need, we are confident that our service will completely restore your heating and air conditioning to top standards.

We also provide heating and air conditioning services such as:

  • Heater and air conditioner installations
  • Heating and air conditioning maintenance
  • Advanced air care solutions
  • Total home comfort systems

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