You Deserve Superior HVAC Repairs in Fountain Valley

You deserve superior HVAC repairs in Fountain Valley. Solid and reliable heating is just too important to your lifestyle quality to dismiss. Finding the right technicians is key to a better and more comfortable home.

Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning is the only Diamond Certified HVAC provider in Orange County. We lead in services such as repairs, installations, maintenance and advanced air care solutions.

Thousands of homeowners rely on us for exceptional HVAC repairs. Our technicians are certified experts in heating and air conditioning. Every Service Champions technician:

  • Passed drug tests and background checks
  • Trains each year for 150 hours with a master technician
  • Is courteous and professional
  • Arrives on time and fully prepared for service
  • Uses the most effective and advanced methods of service
  • Prioritizes your concerns
  • Completes service in one visit*
  • Keeps and leaves your home clean

To experience all that heating and air conditioning can be, work with Service Champions for your HVAC repairs in Fountain Valley.

Why You Need HVAC Repairs in Fountain Valley Now

With good and consistent care habits, your central air system can last well over a decade. When homeowners treat their furnaces well, schedule maintenance, and make HVAC repairs in Fountain Valley as needed, the furnace is equipped to maintain home comfort and meet expectations. Unfortunately, most homeowners have no care plan in place for their central air system, home comfort or indoor air quality.

Many homeowners try to avoid HVAC repairs in Fountain Valley. They do not want a technician in their homes. They do not want the high cost at the end. They think their central air systems will be just fine without HVAC repairs in Fountain Valley. Unfortunately, procrastinating on repairs only causes more trouble.

Procrastination is what causes high service costs. It also causes damages to spread, resulting in more complicated service calls.

When you use the central air system despite necessary repairs, heating also grows more expensive. This is because the central air system works harder to compensate for weaknesses, using more energy for the same load of heating and air conditioning. Additionally, procrastination reduces the service lifespan of the central air system.

Quickly scheduling HVAC repairs in Fountain Valley resolves this issues. Prompt HVAC repairs in Fountain Valley minimize damages and stop repairs from infecting other parts. The key is to recognize when you need repairs.

Any unusual behavior from the central air system is a potential distress signal.

  • Does the heating turn on and off frequently?
  • Has home comfort declined?
  • Is air quality different?
  • Are there bad or unusual smells from the vents?
  • Is the central air system loud or noisy during operation?
  • Has the utility bill increased significantly?
  • Are you unhappy with your heating and air conditioning?

These signs point to an underlying issue within the central air system. To ensure that it is resolved, call for HVAC repairs in Fountain Valley. The earlier you call, the more your contractor can do to protect the lifespan and service quality of your system.

When you act quickly with HVAC repairs in Fountain Valley, you:

  • Save time and money
  • Protect the lifespan and health of the central air system
  • Minimize damages and repairs
  • Reduce the chance for future repairs
  • Restore heating and air conditioning
  • Protect indoor air quality
  • Maintain optimal energy efficiency
  • Have peace of mind

Schedule HVAC repairs in Fountain Valley as soon as you need them. It is when your specialists can do the most good.

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What Causes HVAC Repairs in Fountain Valley

What causes HVAC repairs in Fountain Valley? There are many possibilities. You may need HVAC repairs in Fountain Valley due to poor usage habits or negligence. It is also possible that you need repairs because of:

  • An overused system
  • An old system
  • Technical mistakes by the previous technician
  • Physical trauma to equipment
  • Bad connections
  • Preexisting damages
  • Spoiled parts
  • Obstruction or blockages
  • Natural wear and tear
  • Buildup

For most cases, homeowners need HVAC repairs in Fountain Valley due to normal wear and buildup accumulation. General wear cannot be prevented. As the central air system works time and time again, parts will wear down and need maintenance or repair.

Buildup, however, stems from poor home hygiene and indoor air pollution. Much can be done to minimize indoor air pollution and the buildup that destroys the central air system.

Thousands of particles float around the home. Every time the thermostat prompts heating, airflow sweeps these particles through the vents and into the central air system. A clean air filter captures about half of these particles. The other half makes it inside the system and sticks to delicate parts and places.

While a bit of dust here and there does not cause harm, with time these layers of buildup grow thicker and harden. Eventually, buildup becomes a large mass stuck between rotating parts.

Buildup causes HVAC repairs in Fountain Valley such as:

  • Stalled blower motors
  • Frozen evaporator coils
  • Dislodged or rotting wires
  • Overheated furnace
  • Clogged condensate lines
  • Microbiological growth

When buildup reaches this stage, the central system experiences damages and equipment breaks apart or moves. The system also uses more energy to heat and cool home air, causing utility bills to rise. Long-time repairs also reduce the lifespan of the furnace and lower indoor air quality.

To avoid all these consequences, recognize distress signs and call promptly for HVAC repairs in Fountain Valley.

Major HVAC Repairs in Fountain Valley You Should Never Ignore

Major HVAC repairs in Fountain Valley can cost big. They take up time, space and money, and homeowners end up resenting heating and air conditioning altogether. Fortunately, calling for HVAC repair service early can prevent issues from growing out of hand.

Serious repairs can pose a safety hazard, so it is important to be recognize when you have one in your home.

  • Sticky fire exchangers

Fire exchanger holds the live flame necessary to the heating process. It is shaped like a clamshell, opening and closing. When the fire exchanger grows dirty, it also gets sticky with buildup. With enough buildup and grease, a type of glue forms and holds the two side of the exchanger shut.

It is crucial that sticky fire exchangers receive repairs immediately. If repairs are put off, homeowners run the risk of gas leaks and small explosions inside their central air systems.

When you need HVAC repairs in Fountain Valley for sticky fire exchangers, you might notice a repeating “boom” sound or the smell of gas.

  • Overheated furnace

While it may sound impossible, furnaces do overheat. Typically this happens due to lack of maintenance and a full air filter.

Each furnace is designed to heat a certain amount of air. When the air filter is full or there is some sort of blockage, air cannot enter the furnace. Meanwhile, the furnace fires up, expecting a certain load of air. However, since there is too little air to heat, the furnace itself absorbs the excess heat.

If you have an overheated furnace, it is likely you have already lost access to heating. When the furnace detects a potentially dangerous situation, such as overheating, it automatically shuts down to prevent accidents. To restore heating and air conditioning, schedule HVAC repairs in Fountain Valley.

Once your technician makes the necessary fixes, you can once again enjoy safe and proper heating.

  • Refrigerant leaks

Refrigerant is the coolant that makes air conditioning possible. Contrary to popular belief, refrigerant does not need to be refilled. It is contained in a closed-circuit tube and cycles between the air conditioner and the condenser unit.

While rare, refrigerant leaks do happen. This occurs when the tubing experiences punctures. Unfortunately, it is impossible to smell refrigerant, which is why regular check-ups for your central air system are important.

You may suspect refrigerant leaks if air conditioning is not as cool as it usually is. Schedule HVAC repairs in Fountain Valley to protect your indoor air quality and central air system from spreading damages.

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How to Prevent HVAC Repairs in Fountain Valley from Home

Since stubborn build causes the majority of HVAC repairs in Fountain Valley, reducing buildup also helps reduce HVAC repairs.

From where does buildup come? Indoor air pollution is the number one contributing factor to system buildup. Indoor air pollutants are all the particles and germs inside our homes, most of which we cannot see. Sources include:

  • Textile fibers
  • Dust, dust mites, dirt
  • VOCs from cleaning supplies
  • Fragrances and odors
  • Smokes
  • Animal and human dander
  • Insects and fecal matter
  • Yard waste
  • Radon
  • Lead
  • Formaldehyde
  • Gasses and vapors
  • Oils and greases
  • Microbiological growth
  • Germs and bacteria

Whenever air conditioning and heating runs, all these particles pass through the furnace and coat the interior. Stubborn buildup grows over time and causes more serious issues the longer it stays inside the system.

If you want to reduce the buildup that causes HVAC repairs in Fountain Valley, start by reducing indoor air pollution. Take steps to clean the home and air.

  • Stick to a routine housekeeping schedule
  • Replace heavy textiles with hypoallergenic options
  • Switch windows for energy efficient options
  • Replace harsh cleaning chemicals with friendlier solutions
  • Wipe down vents, registers and ceiling fans
  • Hose down the condenser unit
  • Keep yard waste away from the heating unit
  • Seal all windows and doors
  • Insulate the home against heat loss
  • Limit pet access indoors
  • Clean the filter to the stove

Additionally, replace the air filter to the furnace every few months. A clean air filter removes up to 50 percent of indoor particles and germs. It also reduces energy spending by 15 percent. This simple step is the best way homeowners can care for their central air from home.

By implementing these steps, you can successfully reduce the chance for HVAC repairs in Fountain Valley.

Avoiding HVAC Repairs in Fountain Valley with Technicians

Technicians have their own solution to preventing HVAC repairs in Fountain Valley. Contractors recommend maintenance to prevent 90 percent of all HVAC repairs in Fountain Valley.

Maintenance works like a doctor’s appointment. It is a chance for your specialist to deliver personalized care for your specific central air system.

During maintenance, your specialist:

  • Thoroughly evaluates the central air system, top to bottom
  • Scrubs all equipment clean
  • Removes obstruction, debris, microbiological growth and water
  • Adjusts all wires, connections, attachments and settings
  • Measures energy spending, air pressure, heat load and flow
  • Checks for refrigerant leaks, water leaks and gas leaks
  • Resets safety settings
  • Examines for damages and repairs
  • Notes weaknesses or wear spots
  • Delivers correct treatment for total restoration

Once your technician completes maintenance, you have:

  • A clean central air system
  • Safe and reliable operation
  • Fewer damages and repairs
  • Optimal energy efficiency
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Restored home comfort
  • Peace of mind

As the central air system ages, it is prone to HVAC repairs in Fountain Valley. Keep in mind that once maintenance is complete, you may have to adjust usage habits to accommodate its age. Your technician recommends exactly what to do to get the most of your central air system.

Maintenance works the best at preventing HVAC repairs in Fountain Valley. Fortunately, it costs just a fraction of a repair. To reap all the benefits of maintenance, schedule it twice a year in between major seasons.

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Superior HVAC Repairs in Fountain Valley from Service Champions Experts

You deserve superior HVAC repairs in Fountain Valley, so choose from the best. Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning leads in HVAC repairs in Fountain Valley. We are the experts homeowners trust for superior customer care and expert technical service. From beginning to end, we take care of both you and your home.

We also provide services such as:

  • Heating and air conditioning installations
  • HVAC maintenance
  • Advanced air care solutions
  • Total home comfort systems

No matter what you need, we are your top resource.

To prevent future HVAC repairs in Fountain Valley, schedule maintenance with Service Champions for excellent care. We promise your total satisfaction.

To make your appointment for HVAC repairs in Fountain Valley, complete the form below. You can also speak with our friendly call center representatives for further assistance.