Technician Gifts His Own Guitar To College Student

Here is a special Good Deed For Free that happened on a lunch break at a guitar store in Lake Forest.

Service Champion technicians Steve and Angel decided to use their lunch break to have some fun and headed to the music store to shop around. While there, they struck up a conversation with a young man who came to the store to practice guitar.

He explained he couldn’t afford one right now, so it was the only way he could keep practicing.

“We found out that he was a college student who was also working to support his unemployed mom,” Angel said.

When Angel heard that he made a generous decision. He went to his service vehicle and grabbed a guitar he kept there to play during work breaks.

He handed the guitar to this young man and said: “I know money is tight for you, so I want you to have this so you can practice anytime.”

The young man’s jaw dropped. He thanked Angel and said, “There’s no way this is happening.”

Angel, that’s a wonderful thing to have done, and it shows the true spirit of Good Deeds For Free – thank you!