A Nice Surprise: Technician Cleans Yard Debris From Garage

Service Champions technician Dan was talking with the Irvine homeowner about the tune-up he would be doing.

“I know you’ll be going out to the garage where the unit is,” the homeowner told him. “I want to say sorry in advance for the mess.”

The client explained that he often left his garage door slightly open, and that the landscaping crew was always blowing yard debris every which way – including into the garage. The yard waste had accumulated into the garage.

Dan told him this wouldn’t be a problem for what he had to do. He also made a mental note to himself that this was a chance for a Good Deed For Free when he went to the garage.

When he entered the garage, he first tackled the big stuff. “I vacuumed up all the big debris first. Then for the little clippings, I reversed it and blew all of it out of the garage.”

Dan took a while because he wanted to make sure he left it very clean. He let the homeowner know that the whole garage was now free of the yard waste.

“Really?” the homeowner said. “That’s great – thank you!”

Dan, thanks for doing that Good Deed For Free without even being asked!