This ‘Good Deed’ Birthday Pie Was A Big Hit With Homeowner

We often tell stories about Service Champions technicians out in the field doing Good Deeds For Free. But the spirit of Good Deeds is part of our entire company philosophy, including in the office.

For example, Lisa, a long-time Service Champions employee fielded a phone call from one of our loyal clients who needed a new heater. Lisa knows many of our clients well and she knew that this man’s wife had recently passed away.

So, when the man told her it was his birthday and that he loved apple pie, she decided she would make him a pie herself. There was just one problem: Lisa had never actually made a pie before.

But Lisa didn’t let that stop her. She got together with her daughter-in-law and after a few practice pies, they baked a winner and took it to the homeowner.
The man was absolutely thrilled and loved it, even joking that it was too good to share – he was going to eat the whole pie himself.

Lisa, thanks for baking up that delicious Good Deed For Free!