Technician Delivers With Another Good Deed For Free

Service Champions technician Michael noticed packages sitting on the client’s front porch as he arrived at a Pasadena home.

There were two packages – one large and one small. Michael knocked on the door and was soon greeted by the homeowner.

Michael asked if he could help the client out by bringing the packages into the home since the larger of the two packages looked heavy.

“That would be great,” the client said. But then, as Michael hefted the two packages up into his arms, he noticed that the heavier package had a different address on it.

The client said, “Oh yeah, that’s a couple of houses down. Leave it and I’ll get it over to him.”

“Oh no, not a problem,” Michael said. “I can go ahead and take it to them right now.”

The client was pleasantly surprised.

“We do Good Deeds all the time,” Michael explained. “I’ll just walk it over there.” He carried the large package down the street and later noticed the neighbors were able to retrieve it.

“It was a heavy package,” Michael said. “I know the client really appreciated me doing that.”

Thanks for that “special delivery” Michael – that’s another Good Deed for Free!