Technician Does Heavy Lifting To Help Homeowner Get House Clean

Service Champions technician Rick arrived at a Buena Park home for a service call and the homeowner asked his help with cleaning.

But she wasn’t asking him to grab a dust rag or mop and bucket. Her problem was she couldn’t get behind bulky things like her refrigerator and large furniture.

She explained that her cat would sometimes get behind things and into places she simply couldn’t reach.

Rick was happy to help, and they started in the kitchen. Rick slid the refrigerator out and the client went behind him and sweep up any stray tufts of cat hair.

The next moved to the living room and Rick helped the client roll a big piano away from the wall as well.

It wasn’t long before the homeowner had cleaned everywhere she wanted and Rick began sliding and rolling everything back into place.The homeowner was very happy to have that done.

“Thank you,” the client said. “I couldn’t have moved those things by myself.”

“No problem at all. We’re always happy to help,” Rick said.

Rick, thanks for doing the heavy lifting for your client – that’s another Good Deed For Free!