Technician ‘Hits It Out Of The Park’ With This Good Deed For Free

Service Champions technician Jeff was just wrapping up a service call in Norwalk when the homeowner approached him with an empty baseball glove on his hand.

Jeff soon found out why there was no baseball in the glove.

“The client asked if he could borrow my ladder to go up on the roof and retrieve a baseball that had ended up stuck in the gutter,” Jeff said.

The homeowner had been playing catch with his son in the backyard and apparently one went high and wide!

Jeff said, “Sure no problem.” But he took it a step further and volunteered to go up the ladder and get the baseball himself.Jeff climbed up the ladder, grabbed the baseball and threw it down to the client’s son. Perfect catch.

“It felt great to do that,” Jeff said. “The client was very thankful.”

Jeff, you really went to bat for your client with that Good Deed For Free!