Technician Delights Homeowners By Installing 2 New Showerheads

Service Champions technician Josh was on a major installation project in Buena Park when he was asked about a Good Deed For Free.

“It was a big job that was going to take two days to complete,” Josh said. “I always to do a Good Deed at some point during a job, but this time the homeowner had thought of something before I even mentioned it.”

Josh said the homeowner was a little unsure if showerheads would be something he could do as a Good Deed For Free.

“He said he’d had some trouble trying to install them and wondered if this was something I could try,” Josh said. “I told him, ‘of course I can do that for you.’”

Josh got to work installing two different showerheads in two different bathrooms.

“The old ones were pretty corroded from water and the flow wasn’t very good,” Josh said.

He said once the new ones were really nice and the homeowner was thankful to Josh and thrilled with how well the new ones worked.

Josh agreed the water looked good coming out of the showerhead.

“They worked so well it made me feel like getting a shower!” Josh said.

Josh, that’s another super Good Deed For Free – thanks!