Dog Gets Wrapped Around A Tree… And Our Technician Untangles The Problem!

Service Champions technician David was inside a Diamond Bar home completing a furnace tune up when he kept hearing the homeowner outside yelling for his dog.

David went outside and saw the dog was stuck.

“They kept the dog on a very long leash in their backyard, so he could roam around but without getting out of the yard,” David said.

Apparently the dog had gone chasing after something, but on his way back toward the house had wrapped his leash several times around a tree.

The homeowner had recently had knee surgery and the backyard was steep. David could see there was no way for the client to go rescue the dog.

“Hey, I can help you out here,” David said.

The homeowner said the dog would eventually free himself, but David didn’t want to leave the dog in a dilemma.

David headed up the hill.

“I picked up the little guy, got him untangled and brought him back to his owner,” David said.

The homeowner was relieved. “I don’t know how long he would’ve been stuck there. There’s no way I could have got him with this knee,” he said. “Thank you.”

David, way to untangle that problem – thanks for another kind Good Deed For Free!