Fresh Batteries In The Remote Make This Client’s Day

Service Champions technician Brett was on a service call at an Aliso Viejo home when he heard the homeowner was having a problem.

The homeowner had a caretaker in her home helping her and the pair were trying to solve an issue with the television.

“I overheard them and it sounded to me like a problem with the TV remote,” Brett said. “I figured that it was pretty likely that it could be solved with some fresh batteries.”

Brett headed to his truck and found some fresh batteries he could give them.

“Let me try putting these in for you,” Brett said.

Sure enough, with new batteries the problem was solved.

“I spent a little time making sure all the settings were fine,” Brett said. “They had fiddled with a lot of settings trying to get it to work.”

The homeowner was thrilled that her TV was working again.

“She wasn’t super mobile, so having a working TV and remote made her very happy,” Brett said.

Brett, way to recharge your client’s day with another terrific Good Deed For Free!