Dangling, Dangerous Power Cord Secured By Our Technician

Service Champions technician David was in a garage in Ontario doing a furnace tune-up when he almost got tangled up with a dangling power cord.

He saw that it was powering the garage door opener and he looked for a way to secure it so it wouldn’t be a hazard.

“The homeowner came out to the garage,” David said. “I showed him that I had pushed the cord out of the way, but it should really be secured better.”

David suggested he could use a few wood screws and some wood to brace the power cord so it didn’t dangle loosely anymore.

“At first he wasn’t sure,” David said. “But then he said, ‘looking at it, I see what you mean. It was always kind of just there and I never really thought about what could happen.’”

David quickly secured the power cord for the client.

“He was actually very appreciative when I was done,” David said. “He really started seeing where it could’ve caused a problem.”

David, thanks for looking out for the safety of everyone with another Good Deed For Free!