Technician Helps With Computer… And Gets Some Thank You Cookies!

Service Champions technician Tom was at an Alhambra home and could see that his client was stressed.

“She started talking to me about this antivirus program she had purchased for her computer but couldn’t figure out how to install,” Tom said. “I could tell it was weighing on her.”

So Tom decided to try and help. He doesn’t claim to be a computer expert, but he figured he had enough basic knowledge to help her install the program.

“It ended up taking 45 minutes because of technical issue getting her email working,” Tom said. “We took some time re-setting her password which she also was happy about.”

Once everything was done, Tom even wrote down a few things for the homeowner to help her with any future issues.

“Oh, wow,” the homeowner said. “You saved me so much time and money since you were able to do that for me.”

Tom said her happy, grateful reaction made every minute helping her worth it. “She was very, very thankful. In fact, she was so happy she gave some cookies to go. It was really nice.”

Tom, thanks for slowing down and spending some time to really help someone – that’s a wonderful Good Deed For Free!