Technician Adds Oil To Car & Gives Customer Peace Of Mind

Service Champions technician Scott was at a home in Westminster, and he was impressed with what he saw.

The homeowner was an artist and her artwork was all over the place. Sculptures, paintings, pen and ink drawings, and more. There was a lot to see! As someone who creates art himself, Scott was very impressed with the range and quality of the work.

They talked a bit about the art, and as the conversation continued, it turned to Good Deeds For Free. Scott asked if there was anything that needed done.

Well, now that he mentioned it… “I’ve been having problems with the oil in my car,” she told Scott.

“Why don’t I take a look at it for you then?” Scott said. “I can check the oil, no problem.”

She backed up the car into her driveway so Scott would have room to work. He popped the hood, took out the dipstick and held it up.

“Oh, yep, you’re a bit low,” he said. “It’s not too bad, but we should add some.” Luckily, the customer had some on hand and Scott added it up to the fill level.

“There you go, no worries now,” Scott said as he lowered the hood and wiped his hands.

The customer was very happy to have this done. It was a relief to know this was taken care of because she relied on this car on a daily basis.

Scott, great job! Keep accomplishing those Good Deeds For Free!

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