Kitty Litter Clean-Up Opens Up A Doorway

The customer in Riverside was explaining to Service Champions technician Guillermo how to get to the A/C unit around back.

“Here, let me show you,” she said. “We’ll need to use the side door because the back door is blocked.”

It turned out the back door was blocked by a large kitty litter that had filled with rain water during a recent storm. Now it had become too heavy for the homeowner to handle. Guillermo had noticed 4 or 5 cats in the house, so he knew getting the litter box cleaned out was important.

After she showed Guillermo the A/C unit that needed a tune-up, the homeowner went back inside. That’s when Guillermo decided to take care of the litter box for her.

It was full of water, so he carefully slid it off the concrete and managed to lift it without spilling anything. He then gingerly worked his way to the trash can to get it dumped out. It wasn’t the most fun mixture to deal with, but Guillermo has a dog at home and can handle dealing with pet mess.

After he was finished with the work, Guillermo was showing the customer her condenser. It was then that she noticed the kitty litter was emptied and moved away from blocking the door.

“Yep, all taken care of,” Guillermo said.

“Oh that’s wonderful,” she told him. “It’s a relief to me that isn’t blocking the door anymore. Thank you so much for doing that.”

Guillermo, you went the extra mile on that Good Deed For Free… thank you for your willingness to help out!

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