Teaching This Dog Some New Tricks

Service Champions technician Landon entered a home in Anaheim to perform a tune-up and was greeted by a boisterous 100+ pound Pitbull jumping on him!

The dog was friendly enough, but many people would have been intimidated. Not Landon. He has a Pitbull at home.

“He was a pretty rowdy pooch, but just a beautiful dog,” Landon said.

Landon started talking to the owner about the dog. The customer loved his dog, but Landon could tell he was a little embarrassed and frustrated that he couldn’t get the dog to behave better. He especially wanted him to stop jumping on visitors!

Landon told the customer that if he gave him a few minutes, he could teach the owner and the dog a few techniques that would help.

 “I worked with the dog a few minutes in the living room and then I went out on the porch and took him for a little walk,” Landon said.

Other Good Deeds

The customer was astonished by how much calmer the dog seemed after being with Landon. Landon worked with the dog on not jumping on people and also on following the command to ‘Stay.’

One of the tips Landon gave the dog owner was to remove the dog from the immediate environment when people first visit. Once people are in the house and settled, then re-introduce the dog to the situation.

“When a dog hears a doorbell or someone at the house, it gets excited,” Landon explained. “Then they rush straight at the people when they come through the door. It’s better to let everything calm down and then bring the dog in.”

Landon said the other secret is to keep a close eye on the dog and where to make contact with the dog’s sternum to settle the dog back down.

“I really love dogs,” Landon said. “It was nice to be able to help this dog owner out – he told me how much he appreciated it.”

Landon, you definitely barked up the right tree with this Good Deed! Keep up the fantastic work!

Good Deeds In The Community

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